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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a portrait or event session cost?

Please email Emazing Photography directly for rates.

How much does a wedding cost?

Please email Emazing Photography directly for rates.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. A deposit of 50% of the total service is required to book an appointment. This applies to both portrait and event sessions.

  • The Emazing Wedding Package requires a $200.00 non-refundable deposit
  • The Endless Love Wedding Package requires a $300.00 non-refundable deposit
  • The Exclusive Love Wedding Package requires a $500.00 non-refundable deposit

The deposit is part of your purchase and is deducted from the total cost. Deposits must be made to confirm your appointment.

The balance is due the date of the photo session.

Do you have a cancellation/reschedule policy?

If your confirmed appointment needs to be cancelled or rescheduled, please notify Emazing Photography, 48 hours or more before your confirmed appointment time. If 48 hours or more notice is not given, your non-refundable deposit is charged as a late cancellation fee and is non-transferable. If 48 hours or more notice is given your non-refundable deposit is valid and can be used towards another session within 1 year of the original appointment date. In the rare event that Emazing Photography has to reschedule your secured appointment and a future date/time is not acceptable to you, your deposit will be refunded. In the rare event that Emazing Photography has to cancel your appointment your deposit will be refunded.

Weddings: See Wedding Contract

How long will it take for me to get my photos?

For most sessions (20 minute-1-hour sessions), you will receive all of your edits within 3 weeks (21 days +/- 3 days) after you have selected your favorites via the online gallery and notified Emazing Photography that your favorites are complete. Longer events and photo sessions or sessions that require more intensive editing may take 4-5 weeks to complete. You will receive an email when your edits are complete. Please note that photo delivery times may be prolonged during peak photo season, holidays, sickness/illness and death of loved ones. In the rare event that this happens, details will be communicated to you. Allow an additional 3-4 weeks for photo prints, books, USB, etc. Expeditated editing fees start at $100.

Weddings can expect preview photos within 7 business days after the wedding date. The entire photo order (on-line gallery and USB flash drive with images) will be completed 8 weeks after the wedding date. Custom photo books, prints and other custom photo items typically take an additional 3-4 weeks. Please note that during peak wedding season & holidays photo processing and completion times may be extended. If your wedding package will take longer than 8 weeks to complete that will be communicated to you directly. Please see wedding contract for specifics and most up to date information.

Will you use photos from my photo session or wedding on social media or on your website?

Yes, unless discussed in detail prior to your appointment being confirmed.

Photo Release Disclosure: Upon accepting & completing a photo appointment with Emazing Photography, LLC you agree and consent to Emazing Photography, LLC reserving the right to use photographs taken for business purposes and materials. These materials might include printed or electronic publications (including websites:, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest). You further agree that your name and identity may be revealed in descriptive text or commentary in connection with the image(s). You authorize use of these images indefinitely without compensation. All negatives, positives, prints, digital reproductions and enhancements shall be the property of Emazing Photography, LLC.

Do you require a contract?

Yes, a proposal will be sent to you if you book a session.

Why is your logo an elephant?

My grandmother Betty Jean loved elephants. She had tons and tons of elephant figurines and décor around her home. I love elephants in remembrance of her.

When did you start doing photography?

I’ve had a passion for photography since the 6th grade (11 years old). I officially started photographing professionally in March 2013.

What type of photography do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy outdoor portrait photography the most. I like that you can see change in people over time through photography. Photographing people is more personal and most pleasing to me. Outdoor photos offer a wide variety of natural backgrounds and beautiful natural light.

What type of camera do you shoot with?

Canon Mirrorless Eos R6 & Canon 5D Mark III.

Why choose Emazing Photography, LLC for photos?

My passion for photography is evident in my work. I truly love capturing special moments in people’s lives. Each photo shoot is personalized and unique and I go the extra mile to make sure each customer has their photography needs met. I like to collaborate ideas for looks, poses, backgrounds, locations, etc. with each customer. While I do like posed photos, I also encourage and like more relaxed/ lifestyle photos. I am very professional and timely and years of customer service experience has really helped me in interacting and satisfying my EMAZING customers.

Do you have coupons? Photo shoot giveaways? Specials?

Please visit Emazing Photography‘s social media sites for the latest specials, coupons, promotions and giveaways.

How can I prepare for my shoot?

  1. The location should be chosen based off of 3 factors:

– The location is in a convenient area that makes sense and works for you and other appointments

– Your outfit/fashion looks

– The overall look/feel you want for your photos. Think urban or nature vibes.

NATURE: greenery, flowers, leaves, water, tall grass, trees, sun

URBAN: city, streets, buildings, graffiti, colorful walls, stairs, brick, lights

I can suggest locations or you can pick your own location.

  1. Make sure all children are well rested & fed before the session beings. I suggest scheduling your shoot around your child’s nap time to capture your child’s best energy. Bringing dry snacks (non colorful, non sticky) is helpful.
  2. Please inform children about their upcoming photo shoot. Getting them excited about the shoot will prepare them for the session. Encourage smiling, kissing, hugging, fun and affection during the session. Adults should also connect and be present emotionally and physically. Closeness and affection will make for loving photos. Planning a fun activity after the shoot can help children behave and do well during the session.
  3. Feel free to bring a family member or friend to the shoot with you. They can help carry your personal belongings and make children laugh.
  4. Makeup, hair and fashion styling is very important. Because of the high-quality technology I use, my camera and or lights will capture every detail. Its best practice to have your makeup done professionally to conceal problem areas, acne, scars, etc. and highlight your natural beauty. Don’t forget to bring additional lip stick/lip gloss. Hair being freshly styled, in place and well-kept will also make for better photos. Don’t forget a hair comb/brush. Clothing that is comfortable yet stylish is preferred (see style guide). Don’t forget to iron. Other things you can bring are lotion, a small mirror and flat shoes if you plan on wearing heels.

2 days before your session get your nails done

1 day before your session get your hair done

3 hours before your session get your makeup done

  1. Accessorize; bring a hat, scarf, sunglasses, jacket, etc. Simple apparel additions can enhance and change your photos, giving you more variety in the shots.
  2. Bring props with you to your shoot. Things that are important to you can help make your photos unique. Incorporating special items into your photos can make for special, one-of-a-kind photos. Example: For senior portrait session, a high school seniors may bring a class ring, school jacket, sports equipment for a sport they participate in or books for the field of study they plan to pursue. A mommy to be may bring baby shoes, an ultrasound photo, baby clothing, etc. for her maternity shoot.Ask us if you need ideas for props to bring to your shoot.
  3. Planning ahead and being organized with everything needed for your shoot (clothing, hair, makeup, locations, etc.) will help you get to the shoot on time. Prepack everything you plan to bring with you the night before. Things commonly forgotten; bras, baby/kid’s shoes, socks, balloons, earrings & shapewear. Give yourself plenty of time to find the location entrance or meeting area and parking.
  4. Be open minded and willing to try new things. Things that may seem silly can make for fun and creative photos.
  5. Be ready to have fun. Laughing and movement is encouraged. Don’t get caught up in being posed, be natural and free. Enjoy the moment! Sometimes it is helpful to research poses on YouTube and Pinterest.

What is your photography style?

I started liking photography because it was fun, I want to keep it that way! I am a pretty easy going photographer. I like posed photos, but I really enjoy natural authentic moments. I like to capture people doing ordinary lifestyle things, enjoying life, creating memories with family and showing love that I can capture in a photograph. I collaborate with my customers, I do not control the entire shoot. I am always open to my customer’s ideas and needs for the shoot. I love colorful vibrant photos, as well as classic black and white photos. Laughter photos are always special to me because the smile is natural and the photo shows so much joy. It’s important that I capture closeness, love and affection among loved ones.

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