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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
A non-refundable deposit is required to secure an appointment; this can be paid directly on my website. The deposit is applied to and deducted from the total amount. The balance is due on the day of appointment. Cash is preferred for balance payments; this helps me avoid transaction and processing fees. However, debit/credit, checks, electronic invoices and payments on my website are also accepted. No portion of your order will be processed or delivered until the balance is paid in full. $35 fee for returned checks.
If your confirmed appointment needs to be cancelled or rescheduled please notify Emazing Photography, 24 hours or more before your confirmed appointment time. If 24 hours or more notice is not given, your non-refundable deposit is charged as a late cancellation fee and non-transferable. If 24 hours or more notice is given your deposit is valid and can be used towards another session within 1 year of the original appointment date. In the rare event that Emazing Photography has to reschedule your secured appointment and a future date/time is not acceptable to you, your deposit will be refunded. In the rare event that Emazing Photography has to cancel your appointment your deposit will be refunded.
Please note that your scheduled photo session start time is firm, if you are late your appointment time is not extended. Example; if your 1 hour photo session is scheduled to start at 2:00pm and you arrive at 2:17pm, your appointment will still conclude at 3pm, not 3:17pm. If you are more than 15 minutes late to a 30 minute session, more than 30 minutes late to a 1 hour session or more than 1 hour late to a 2 hour session your appointment may be cancelled and deposit forfeited. In the rare event that Emazing Photography is late, your appointment time will be extended.
A minimum $30.00 travel fee will be added to shoots taking place more than 10 miles from zip code 98121. Parking fees and entry fees must also be paid by the customer.
Post production editing styles, effects and overall look of the images are left to the discretion of Emazing Photography. The final image selection is left to the discretion of Emazing Photography. If for any reason your final edits are not deliverable due to technical malfunctions, theft or other reasons out of Emazing Photography's control, you will be fully refunded and Emazing Photography is not liable for any additional charges.
Your images are stored for 2 years from the delivery date. After that date, there is no guarantee that your photos will remain archived. In the rare event of a technical malfunction, theft or other reasons out of Emazing Photography's control, your photos may not be available and Emazing Photography is not liable. A $25 retrieval fee is charged for photos being resent 1 month after the first/original delivery date.
Emazing Photography is not liable to deliver every image taken. The determination of images delivered to the client is left to the discretion of the Emazing Photography, this includes proofs and final edits. If your session specifies that you are allowed image selection, it is still ultimately left to the discretion of Emazing Photography. Only edited images will be delivered, no raw or unedited photos.
For a 30 minute or 1 hour session it will take 2 weeks/14 business days (give or take 2-3 days) for the final edits to be uploaded onto the gallery. For a session that is 2 or more hours it will take about 3.5 weeks (give or take 2-3 days) for the final edits to be uploaded onto the gallery (after you have selected your desired edits and they are received by Emazing Photography). Longer events and photo sessions that require more intensive editing may take longer to complete. Please note that photo delivery times may be prolonged during peak photo season, holidays, sickness/illness and death of loved ones. In the rare event that this happens, details will be communicated to you. Allow an additional 2-4 weeks for photo prints, books, USB, etc. Expedited editing fees start at $100. DISCLAIMER: Your photo due date is +/- 3 days. Please do not expect your final edits to be ready morning or afternoon on your deadline day. I do most of my editing at night and will more than likely be finishing your final touches on due date evening into the late night/early morning next day. Please be patient as I am editing 10-20 sessions at any given time. I can assure you that I have an editing schedule and work queue and I work diligently to deliver your photos on your due date. If there is a delay in your photo delivery date that will be communicated to you. You will receive an email just as you did for the proofs once your edits are ready. If it has been 4 or more days after your due date and have not received your images feel free to contact me.
This term does not apply to corporate clients or businesses. This term applies to personal photo sessions (except boudoir style sessions). Emazing Photography, LLC reserves the right to use photographs taken for business purposes and materials. These materials might include printed or electronic publications (including websites:, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest). You further agree that your name and identity may be revealed in descriptive text or commentary in connection with the image(s). You authorize use of these images indefinitely without compensation. All negatives, positives, prints, digital reproductions and enhancements shall be the property of Emazing Photography, LLC.
Communicate all of your photo needs and ideas with me. Be as specific as possible regarding what the photo shoot is for. Tell me the purpose for the shoot and possible uses for the photos. Let me know if there are specific looks you want to capture that may require props or a particular set up, this could change the price of your session. Be sure to let me know of any deadlines or time restrictions before booking an appointment to make sure I can meet your accommodation. If you have specific “problem areas” (scars, wrinkles, acne) that may need special attention when I am editing or things you want me to avoid or not to capture, please let me know ahead of time.
If your session is not at my studio and requires additional studio lighting and equipment additional fees will apply.
When posting your photos online via social media, websites, etc. you agree to give photo credit to Emazing Photography by tagging and or mentioning photo credit and including Emazing Photography's name.
If your package includes photo prints, a photo book or other photo items, you have 1 year from the original delivery date of your images to provide your desired image selections to Emazing Photography. After that point the value of your printed materials is forfeited (expired) and another purchase would be required. Please note, you can opt to have Emazing Photography select the images used for your physical photo items. This would need to be communicated to Emazing Photography before the expiration date.
Email is the best form of contact for Emazing Photography. It's best to keep all information in one place. I agree to use email for all correspondence regarding my photo session. This includes sending photo inspiration, requesting referrals, rescheduling your appointment, asking questions, etc. Phone calls are acceptable; however, text and social media messages are not.
in which case sessions are taking place back-to-back, and I cancel my appointment the deposit or payment in full is completely forfeited and non-transferable, regardless of how much notice is given. I understand that if I want to extend my mini session time, that I have to book another mini session time slot at the same value as the first booked mini session.
Signature is required.
I agree and understand all of the terms & conditions